First and foremost, welcome to my new, revamped, updated website! Hope you enjoy wending your way through it.

First, how I spent my summer:  I traveled in Uzbekistan for a month and am now in the process of editing (you can see some images by scrolling down my Instagram account.) <link>  

 I’m also fine tuning my backdrop project and working on the first segment of a long-standing travel piece called Stuck in  Traffic.  And, of course, still and always doing self-portraits. 

The  semester at the School of Visual Arts is half over.  I’m teaching a freshman workshop and Go Shoot Yourself (a self-portrait class) in the Photography and Video Department and two sections of Digital Photography for Designers in the Graphic Design and Advertising Department.  

Other news: My work was  included in the Land Sea Air issue (the first 5 photos) in F-stop Magazine<link> and  as the photo of the day on the Don’t Take Pictures website. <link>

And now, onward!