I survived the last two semesters of online teaching and am very looking forward to heading back into the classroom/darkroom in the fall.

My photo appeared in a new book, PRIMAL SIGHT, put together by the increasingly creative and prolific Efrem Zelony-Mindell.  Look for it  on page 165.

I’m doing a book of my self-portrait series AutoWorks with Peanut Press (thank you Ashly and David) due out in the fall.

Some work is included in ANTONYMS, a show in Shanghai that’s curated by the ever inventive and energetic Zane Mellupe  (wish I could be in Shanghai too).  So, if you’re in the nabe, please go take a look.


I’ve spent a lot of time and have a lot of good friends in Myanmar where the situation since the coup continues to be terrible and terrifying.  Yet the courage, strength, imagination, dedication, audacity and creativity of the valiant protestors is tremendously impressive, ingenious and inspiring. 

PrintforCrisis offered the work of 90 photographers for sale (in editions of 10) with all the proceeds going to support organizations promoting freedom of expression and protesting the takeover of Myanmar by a ruthless military junta intent on sending the country back to the Dark Age. 

The good news: PrintforCrisis sold 538 photos and, I’m happy to report, my edition of Paan Shop sold out.

Sadly though, the situation in Myanmar remains heartbreakingly horrible with the nightmare nowhere cl


  • So far, no summer travel plans (big sigh here).   
  • Instead, I’ll use the time to attack a hefty backlog of work.  
  • And I’ll continue working on my Blursday series.  For a long time now, I’ve thought of NYC as monochromatic (one of the reasons I travel is to counteract color deprivation).  But no, the Blursday pix are turning out to be surprisingly super vibrant. You can see a bunch of them on my website.