News Update/Summer 2014

This summer I’m doing the unthinkable: staying home. Which is surprisingly delicious. I’m sifting through lots of images, consolidating, revamping, and cooking up projects along with figuring out how big or small to print pictures and on what papers.

While revisiting my In Camera series, I realized that it unintentionally replicated the history of analog photography. First, the places where I shot-- old photo studios, the ones that used painted backdrops—no longer exist. Next, the images were printed as Cibachromes and poof, Cibas bit the dust. Then, the film I used--Kodak Elite—gone. And the Widelux camera, defunct. What to do? Mix the old with the new; scan the transparencies and make digital prints. Not quite the same as Cibas obviously but interesting in a whole different and exciting way.

Also printing up pix made during the New York, Shanghai and Vegas iterations of my installation/performance/photography piece Body Imaging. Fun to do and amazing to look at body parts when they’re larger than life size.

And speaking of Body Imaging, I’ll be doing the installation again at the DUMBO Arts Festival. If you’re in the nabe September 26th, 27th and 28th, please come by and play doctor with me.

Last, but not least, I’m working on a whole new batch of AutoWorks. I’ve always said that I’ll continue doing self-portraits until I'm too old and feeble to hit the shutter. So they go on and evolve and now they’re in color. Plus I’m focusing on a whole new subset, WaterWorks. Tune in; there’ll be more about this in future postings.

So, onward!

Here’s my latest news: