photographic publications and reviews

2018      Photo of the Day, Don’t Take Pictures <link> 

                  Land, Sea, Air, F-Stop Magazine,  August<link>

2017     Torque, Street Photography 2016, Acuity Press, New York, NY 

                 Tae, Margaret: Abby Robinson: AutoWorks, PHOTO Dot (Seoul, Korea), vol. 46: 14-23

2016     Wonder-full, F-Stop Magazine, Issue #75,  February/March<link>

                 Street Photography 2016 Winners, Photo District News<link>

2015     Jubb, Nathan: This is the medical clinic from hell, Time Out/Shanghai, September 8 <link>

                 Massey, Wyatt: Forty Years of Self Portraits, CNN Photos, July 14<link>

                Segerblom, Tick: Who Ruled Las Vegas in 2015, Dominant Individuals to Dynamic Institutions, Las Vegas                                              Weekly,  December 23<link>

2013     Padgett, Sonya: Picture Imperfect: Up Close & Personal, Las Vegas Review-Journal,” August 15: 1E, 2E<link>

                 Kenway, Jenessa: Body Shot, Las Vegas City Life, August 8:  22

                 Kenway, Jenessa: Art: Abby Robinson’s performance and photos tread a line between the medical  and the                                             artistic, Las Vegas City Life, August 7 <link>

                 Examination Room: Robinson turns P3 into a physical photography study, Las Vegas Weekly,  July 25 <link>

                Abby Robinson Presents Body Imaging, Las Vegas City Life, July 25: 4  

                Peterson, Kristen: New York Photographer Abby Robinson Examines Your Body Parts at Cosmo’s P3 Studio, Las                              Vegas  Weekly, July 24<link>

                 Abby Robinson: P3Studio, Art Production Fund, July 19 <link>

                 Carol, David J.: Self Portraits, Emerging Photographers, PDN, January 2

                 Social Photography III, Carriage Trade, NYC: 54

2012     Carol, David J.: Abby Robinson: In Camera, Rangefinder, November:  138

                Film Industry,”PIX/The Sri Lankan Issue: Metamorphoses, vol 6, October: cover and  50-59<link>

                Space Invaders, Radiate Magazine #3, October: 42-57<link>

                4 Elements, Shots Magazine, no 115, Spring: 24-25

                Home, Umbrella Arts Gallery, New York, NY: 18

                 In Camera, 180 Magazine<link>

                40 Years of Women Artists at Douglass Library: Mary H.Dana Women Artists Series 40th Anniversary                                                    Virtual Exhibit  <link>

2011     Meet a NYFA Artist: Abby Robinson, NYFA Current<link>

                Swimsuit Issue, Dear Dave, No. 9, Spring: 27, 31

                Photo District News Photo Annual 2011, June:  132<link>

                AutoWorks, 591 Photography Blog, October 9 <link>

                591 Beach Days, Blog 591, September  10<link>

                Mise en Scene, Photo District News Photo of the Day<link>

2010    Bright, Susan: A Guided Tour, Dear Dave Magazine, No. 8: 31

                Housed, Women in  Photography<link>

2009     Ryzik, Melena, At a Clinic, Artists Reflect on Home, New York Times, May 11: C1 <link>

                 Water, Shots Magazine, no 103, Spring: 34

2008     Traub, Charles: Space Invaders, Dear Dave, No. 3, Summer: 51-61<link>

2007    The Saint Ann’s Review: A Journal of Contemporary Arts & Letters, Summer: 155-158

                 Eye To I: Self-Portraits by Women Artists, 516 Arts, Albuquerque, NM, Feb/March: 20-21

2006     Sambandan, Archana: Looking in, looking out, INDIA New England, November 16-30: 22

                  In Camera, FotoFest 2006: The Earth, FotoFest Inc.: 208-211

                  FOTOFEST2006 artists Abby Robinson and Herman Van Den Boom on Houston Public Radio, March 15<link>

                 Caslin, Jean: Critical Mass, FotoFest98: 206

                In Camera: Abby Robinson, Monthly Photographer (Korea), vol 460, May: 61-69

                 Langer, Cassandra: Smoke and Mirrors: Reevaluating the Body in Art, PS 122 Gallery, April: 3

2005     Self-Portraits, Shots Magazine 87, Spring 2005: 34

                  Dallow, Jessica, Birmingham: In This Place, May/June; 40

                  Nelson, James R.: In This Place, Pop & Culture, The Birmingham News, March 6: 3F

2004     Photo Editor, 40 Miles of Bad Road, David Carol/photographer, Stephen Daiter Gallery Books/PDN Photo Annual                              Book Award

                  Critical Mass, Blue Sky 04/05, Portland, OR

                 La fotografía como estilo de vida, por Abby Robinson, en la galleria H2O, ABC, June: 37

                  Zitzewitz, Karin: Mapping South Asian Art, ARTIndia, vol ix, issue ii, quarter ii: 21

                  Terhune, Lea: A Visual Feast,”Span, May/June: 58-59

                 Wei, Lily: Outside/In, ARTnews, March: 13

2001     Morgan, Robert C.: Nancy Goldring and Abby Robinson, NYARTS, November: 65

                 Smith, Roberta: In an Exuberant and Profuse Manner, The New York Times, July 20:  B32<link>

                 Autotrabajos, Reflex, Polanco, Mexico, April/May, no 23: 11-15

2000    Fresh Work 3: Color, Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach Community College: 21-22

                 Kartikeyan, Latha: Random Flashes, Express Week, Indian Express, June 10: 3

                 Abby Robinson, DoCu (Seoul, Korea), vol 4: 13-17

1999       autoworks, CultureFront, vol 8, no 1, Spring: 12

1998     Tuck, Lily:  Hotter, The New Yorker, December 21: 86-87

                 Re-Imagining Vietnam, FotoFest98: The Seventh International Festival of Photography, FotoFest  Inc.: 137-139

                Chi, Kuo-Chang: The Seventh International Month of Photography,Photodom (Seoul, Korea)  February: 41

                 Abby Robinson, Photographers International (Taipei, Taiwan), no 38, July: 68-81

                 Contact Sheet 97: 25th Anniversary Edition, Light Work Visual Studies, Inc.

                 Brodsky, Sascha: Vietnam, In War and In Peace: The Images are Both Startling, The Villager: 13 & 31

                 Vietnam: Here & There, CultureFront, vol 7, no 4, Winter 1998-99: 89-96

1997     A Bridge for Vietnamese and American Photographers, Saigon Times Daily, March: 3

                Gross, Matt: A mirror of irony in foreign lands, Viet Nam News, March 13: 17

                Friendship, photography develop at cross-cultural exhibition in HCM City, Viet Nam News, March 4: 17

                 US-Vietnam Photographers Build a Bridge, Vietnam Investment Review, February: 17-23

1996     Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series: 25 Years, Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ: 91

1995     Moving Images, The Workshop, Hong Kong

                  American Connection, Time Out/Vietnam Investment Review, October: 7-13

1992       Zouain, Zaidy: Artistas en residencia expondrán, Listin Diario, July 23

1989       Farley-Villalobos, Robbie: Photographs explore life, Take Two, El Paso Herald-Post, September 21: 3

                   Ziebel, Rob: Bridge Center exhibit to feature photos, El Paso Herald-Post, September 14

                   Portrayals, El Paso Times, September 8: 3

1985        Grundberg, Andy: Art/Photography: Trains and Planes, The New York Times, February 15:  C20<link>

1982        Westerbeck, Colin: Abby Robinson: A.I.R., ARTFORUM, April: 77-78 <link>