literary publications

 2018     Thuma, Trans Asia Photography Review (TAP), vol 8, issue 2: Voyages,  Spring<link>

2014     Tickled: Photography and Humor, Trans Asia Photography Review (TAP), vol 4, issue 2: In  Translation,                                                      Spring <link>

2012     A Tale of Three Cities, PDNedu:  Seoul 9/20<link>Saigon 10/4 <link>Shanghai 10/12 <link>

                 Dotphotozine, Project X, PDNedu, vol 11, issue 1, Spring:  22<link>

2011     The Alkazi Foundation for the Arts, Trans-Asia Photography Review (TAP), vol 1, no 2,  Spring<link>

                SVA’s Digital Adventures in Asia, PDNedu (Next Stop Shanghai 5/23<link>SVA’s Digital Adventures in Asia                                            6/11 <link>Virtual City Tour of Shanghai  6/18<link>Week Number One in the SVA’s Digital Photography                                    Residency in  Shanghai  6/26 <link>Week Number 2: The Now-That- You’re-Way-Over-Jet Lag-Let’s-Get-                                    Even-More-Serious-About-Work Week  6/30 <link>Ah, Week Number Three and Three More Great                                                Speakers!  7/7 <link> Week Number Four: All Good Things Must Come to an End 7/17 <link>

2010     Coming to Light: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Trans Asia Photography Review (TAP), vol 1, no 1,                                           Fall<link>

                 An Overview of Contemporary Sri Lankan Cinema: A photographic essay, South Asian Popular Culture, vol 8,                                         issue 3: 325 – 341

2006     New Vietnamese Photography, Asian Art News, September/October:  86-91<link>

1997     Vietnamese Photography Comes Into Focus, Asian Art News, vol 7, no 2, March/April: 65-69 <link>

1990     From Moscow, a circus stunt that defies belief: cooking and dressing in the same room, The New York Times,                                      January 10:  C  1, C6 <link>

1989     The Artist’s Palate: The Starving Artists’ Video Cookbook, The New York Post: 39, 43

1985     The Dick and Jane (novel based on my experiences working with a private investigator), Delacorte Press, New                                      York/paperback: Dell,  1986