Torque II

When I first got out of grad school, I worked for a private detective where I learned not only to be sneaky but also to pay even closer attention to detail, look for clues, scrutinize gestures, check how objects were positioned in a room, look for secrets, and construct narratives. 

I shoot to find something out. I walk around in the world making photos of any and everything that intrigues me.  I often shoot things or situations because something about them amuses me (I’m not sure what this says about my sense of humor).

Torque II results from a collision of curiosity and wanderlust with the pleasure of roaming around. I go out and stealthily (my work for the private eye has had strange repercussions) cram a lot of information culled from the vibrant, noisy, jumbled, lively street life in Asia into a rectangle. My aim is to make images as—or even more–exciting, strange and lyrical in the frame as they were outside it. The hope, like the big bang, is to take next to nothing and turn it into a mysterious and wondrous cosmos.