The Backdrop Project

Awhile back I did a photo series, In Camera, about old photo studios in Asia, the ones                                                        that used painted backdrops.

Digital photography pretty much put these places out of business. Because I’ve always                                                      loved the backdrops, I began this project to celebrate them. I’m employing people                                                    (artisans rather than artists) who either used to (or miraculously still) paint backdrops                                              and/or now paint signs, political posters and/or movie billboards.  I give them a photo of                                                one of my own images and have them paint an 8’ x 8’ (2.4 meters x 2.4 meters) canvas.

I’m  continuing The Backdrop Project   and am looking to employ and collaborate with                                                  painters in venues other than Asia. Of course, participants will be credited for their work                                                  in the final interactive installation.

Any and all help, leads, and information will be greatly appreciated.